Take a look at what other students and clients are saying about this work!

“Great course, excellent instruction.  Very involved in student understanding.  Five stars ****”

“Jennifer is a fantastic teacher.  She knows how to make students comfortable with their skills & abilities.  I would recommend her to anybody that wants to learn more and be guided on their spiritual journey.”

“Thank you for sharing this gift.  I am excited for my journey and the opportunity to continue to support others on theirs.”

“Felt energy movements all over body.”

“Most powerful healing session I ever had.  I could feel the energy going through my body.  I could also hear someone talking to me, telling me that the third eye will open.  I somehow understood that a lot of karma was being removed, not necessarily from this life.  A beautiful experience. I felt totally loved and assisted in releasing blocks in my body.  It was a powerful and wonderful experience.”

“I feel my energy level heightened. It’s like a buzzing of physical energy at this higher level. I feel a resetting of my life force, not to be extinguished after the session ends.”

“Enlightening experience for me.  I felt a sheet of light coming in at the beginning of the session and was overcome with peace and a sense of safety.  That safe space was also extended as a fluffy warm airy soft blanket.  A hand (or something that was not [the practitioner’s]) was gently touching and then pulsing on my left arm, slowly moving up my bicep.  Was it an angel?  During that time I also heard the beautiful music of Pachelbel in the ethers.  Near the end of our session, I saw a mysterious shape seeming to be rising up next to my left side.  As I watched, it transformed from a pearly opalescence into something white with contours that were illuminated in different light tones.  Finally, it became clear that it was a giant wing – wow!  Was it my left wing?  Was I really finally emerging into the holy angelic being that I have been longing to experience and express? “

“Thoroughly enjoyed class.  Thank you!”

“Loved it!  Looking forward to practicing this :)”

“I look forward to practicing more”

“Excellent session!  Very thoughtful and intuitive.”

“Amazing… flabbergasted…all the pieces are fitting together.  Very accurate.”

“Very thorough and insightful, fave some new tools to heal self.”

“Spot on on most things. Very much on spiritual and emotional levels and growing motor concerns.”

“We learned different perspectives on subjects, which is nice.  The class had a lot of fun exercises.”

“Loving and trusting environment.  Great techniques for connecting.”

“Very peaceful and loving.  The messages were right in line with what I’m experiencing right now.  Very helpful and enjoyable session.  Thank you!

“Wonderful stuff! I felt very light and refreshed.  Could feel very deep release and healing.”

“Felt like every part of the body had something going on.  Felt like everything was getting restructured.”

“If I had one word to describe the session, I would say ‘presence’. The presence of the angelic energy was very apparent.  It transformed.”

“I’ve received Holistic Metamorphosis a few times. The most noticeable changes were that it really pushed me passed my plateau in my growth by helping me clear out some energetic blocks and feelings that I thought I had taken care of. If your true goal is to elevate your vibration, this will do it. The 2nd time and probably the most amazing was getting the spheres to relieve pain. I was having joint pain and migraines. I was about to go on a 2 week vacation with lots of walking, so Jenn gave me the spheres and I didn’t have any hip/joint pain or migraines the entire time!! It was so good that I told her next time I travel, I’m booking a session with her and asked that she also add spheres to my feet!”

“Jenn is too awesome to put into words. Humble, sweet, and loving…she uses these in Holistic Metamorphosis to be a catalyst for the change you seek. If you have tried Reiki, MDH, or other healing work and still need to dig deeper- definitely make an appointment or take the classes being offered. You won’t be sorry. At worst, you will end up freeing some things which have been bothering you. At best, you will see a total transformation…something that has come through for me as a result of the work Jenn has facilitated with me.”

“I really did feel the energy from the spheres that Jenn does…I was lying down receiving my session (Jenn is a wonderful intuitive and a great healer!) with my eyes closed and I could literally feel the heat above my forehead.  I told Jenn what I was feeling and she said it was a sphere of energy–and it was amazing that I could actually feel that with my eyes closed!  I highly recommend Jenn and her new amazing healing modality!”

“Jennifer is an intuitive and powerful healer, while creating a safe and nurturing environment. I felt the effects from my treatment immediately–I was able to release that which no longer served. And, in the weeks following my treatment, I experienced the courage and clarity to speak my truth and live with more creativity.”