Holistic Metamorphosis® is designed for beginning and experienced practitioners as we bring forth a model of understanding and healing that is open for all to learn.  In the course of this program, we learn about:

  • Our energy processing system
  • Working with our guidance team and angels
  • What ascension is and how it is working in our lives
  • Self-transformation techniques
  • Building intuition skills
  • Spirit healing and clearing
  • Physical and energetic anatomy
  • Medical intuition and scanning techniques
  • Psychic surgery techniques
  • Toning for resonance and healing
  • Advanced and deeply penetrating angelic healing
  • DNA blueprint activations
  • Brain and nervous system clearing and activation
  • Accessing the Akashic Records
  • Clearing and rectifying past life traumas and lessons, ancestral patterns, agreements and karma

Holistic Metamorphosis® Foundation (2 days) $295

The foundation level gives you the core understanding you need to move forward with angelic ascension healing work.  Everyone starts with this class.  Even those who have been energy workers for years will learn new material in this class and there are a lot of group practice exercises. In this 3 day class, we will cover:

  1. Energy systems – what they are and how they interact
  2. Connecting with the other realms – working with guides, angels, Archangels, ascended masters
  3. Ascension – why this is important
  4. Self-transformation tools
  5. Intuition building techniques

Holistic Metamorphosis® Foundation (At Home) $195

This is the Foundation class as listed above, but in the comfort of your own home.  You can study at your own pace, review familiar concepts and learn new concepts for moving forward.  After you read through the material, you will get an hour consult to go over any questions.  This is the only class that may be taken at home.  Email jennifer@holisticmetamorphosis.net to order your book. This option is ideal for those who meet this criteria:

  1. Experienced energy worker
  2. Easily receive intuitive information
  3. Practice self work techniques and constantly work to improve self

Holistic Metamorphosis® Level 1 (2 days) $295

Level 1 introduces and activates you to the Oroshom angelic energy. We will discuss professionalism and ethics for practitioners. We will also learn a very effective method to clear space and create sacred space. Prerequisite: Take the Foundation class and pass the test. In this 2 day class, we will cover:

  1. Discover the Oroshom angels
  2. Oroshom energy activation for level 1
  3. Connecting to the Oroshom energy
  4. Healing techniques and utilizing the energy
  5. Transmutation flames
  6. The basic healing protocol
  7. Creating sacred space
  8. Spirit healing and clearing
  9. Professionalism and ethics

Holistic Metamorphosis® Level 2 (3 days) $295

Level 2 teaches you basic physical anatomy along with the energetic/emotional associations that may go with areas of the body.  We will delve into your intuitive capabilities while learning how to scan the body to find imbalances physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.  Prerequisite: Take the Level 1 class, at least one month since Level 1 training, guided practice with a teacher on 12 people. In this 3 day class, we will cover:

  1. Basic anatomy of the physical body
  2. Energetic/emotional associations of dis-ease in areas of the body
  3. Medical intuitive scanning techniques
  4. Further opening of your intuitive abilities
  5. Oroshom energy activation for level 2

Holistic Metamorphosis® Level 3 (2days) $495

Level 3 is the advanced training with tools and techniques designed to take your skill much further.  We will learn about resonance and toning and how that helps with the ascension process, using energetic tools for long lasting effect, and psychic surgery techniques.  Prerequisite: Take the Level 2 class, pass the test, at least one month since Level 2 training, guided practice with a teacher on 15 people. In this 2 day class, we will cover:

  1. How to tone to create resonance and transmutation for a deeper healing
  2. Bringing energy work to the next level with tools to enhance and deepen the healing effect
  3. How to use energy spheres
  4. Psychic surgery techniques to remove energies
  5. Oroshom energy activation for level 3

Holistic Metamorphosis® Nervous System and DNA (1 day) $195

This class is for those ready to access and release areas of deep trauma in the body and energetic field.  We will learn how to utilize DNA blueprints and nervous system healing to update the body’s instructions on the cellular level, allowing access to and release of long-held energies.   Prerequisite: Holistic Metamorphosis® Level 3.  In this 1 day advanced class, we will cover:

  1. The 9 steps to purify and activate areas of the brain for release, higher performance and more profound healing
  2. How to Release and align the energies along the spine for optimal nervous system function and energy flow
  3. Tools to activate powerful DNA blueprints for your life purpose as well as healing of very deeply held traumas