Energy WorkHolistic Metamorphosis® is a new angelic energy healing modality that creates a deep metamorphosis or transformation throughout all levels of being to speed up and assist in the ascension process.  Ascension is our main soul purpose, and we are constantly guided to be on this path.  We ascend by raising our vibration through love, compassion, wisdom, connection and consciousness.  The energy in this healing modality comes from the Oroshom angels of light to heal and balance our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual areas of difficulty.

This process clears obstacles and fast forwards our ascension process:

  • Releasing suppressed emotions such as fear, grief, anger and apathy
  • Healing spiritual issues creating emotional, mental and physical problems
  • Providing spiritual clearing of people and places
  • Purifying the energy field and raising vibration of energy
  • Opening the heart to radiate unconditional love
  • Deepening the connection to guides and angels
  • Promoting transformation and personal growth